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A Level Resource Downloads
Brief notes for A-level sociology and study skills in format of Microsoft Word is allowed to download.


International Studies Notes of the International Studies Association
To quote from itself, 'The purpose of the Notes to provide a challenging multi-disciplinary forum for exchange of research, curricular, and program reports on international affairs. It is designed to serve teachers, scholars, practioners, and others concerned with the international area.'


Introduction to Sociology
It contains skills in examination and writing essay, informations and essays about structured various hot topics in sociology, original text written by famous sociologists and huge amount of link.


Social Science Paper Publisher
Collection of papers of sociology written by undergraduate or graduate student.


Rich information about classical sociologists, and mamy sociological topics. To quote from itself, 'The site features everything a student needs to know about sociology, including where all the links are for sociology related material on the Net. There are over 15 separate pages that deal with everything from criminology to social theory to mass communication - i.e. EVERYTHING!'


Online Dictionary of mental health
A web page entitled as dictionary but does not provides definitions of terms directly, instead it offers over a thousand links to access professionals,essays, web-pages alphabetically.


Psychology Web Linksby Topic
It provides huge amount of linkage with well-established structure including sub-area of clinical psychology, cognition and perception, cultural psychology, developmental psychology, neuro-science, psycho-physiology, personality, psychology, social psychology, research methods and statistics.


University of Alberta's Cognitive Science Dictionary
It is a rich online dictionary to provide detailed definition, explanation and relevant information about each technical term in cognitive psychology.


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